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back in the saddle

Hello all!

Wow! I am still recovering from a whirlwind trip down to San Francisco and back. I could hardly believe that during my short stint there, the weather was sunny and warm…not a speck of fog to speak of! I was able to visit a few really great shops…like little otsu and artfibers. Not to mention (of course) delicious meals and drinks with family and friends.

Being back home is wonderful, but I will always have a huge Golden Gate Bridge sized hole in my heart. I just love that dang city!


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Oxbow Regional Park

let\'s get camping!

Such amazing weather this weekend!  We, in the Rose City have been enjoying some very unabashed spring-like weather.  I’m talking in the mid 70’s people!  So we headed to our new home away from home: Oxbrow Regional Park.  We did a tiny hike and enjoyed a sun filled afternoon on the banks of the Sandy River.

For those of you lucky to live in Portland, Oxbrow is really close.  So close, you could just drive up Division, through Gresham, and get there within about 30 minutes.  Far better than trying to get out to the Gorge on a busy weekend!

Tonight we are having a BBQ in the backyard with the chickens, and tomorrow we are hosting Elinor’s First Birthday Party!  .

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I can\'t believe that\'s me!

About an entire decade (lifetime?) ago I happened to be in a band on K records called the Subdebs. I was 19 years old, had just moved to the Northwest from San Francisco, and knew…well no one!

Enter Star. She was little bit older, smart, amazing, and funny…and when I first met her…I was incredibly nervous because I thought she was SO cool. Long story short…we ended up having this exciting shared experience of being in a band together! And although we haven’t lived close to each other in over 5 years, we have remained close friends.

Next Wednesday, I am flying down to San Francisco to meet her. We are going to spend a couple of days in the city (child and spouse free?!) and then I am helping her with her MOVE TO PORTLAND by driving with her the rest of the way! I love road trips!

One of my best friends is moving to my town and I couldn’t be more excited! There are parallels abound in our lives lived apart from each other. We both adore knitting (she has even been PUBLISHED!), spinning, hoping to live a holistic life, and dutch bicycles (just to name a few) . She has done her time in the City of Angels and is ready to make a really big move up into the Great Northwest.

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