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Well, Sebastian and I had a BLAST in Tennessee. (Even with the heat, chiggers, and ticks! Can I just say ticks gross me out….like reeeeeeeeally gross me out? EWWW! ) We had a fine time just relaxing and eating, having adventures, playing, and eating, and laughing, and eating some more. We didn’t do too much in the way of sightseeing, (Just being there is wonderful enough!) but I was able to go to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY with my mom…and I LOVED it! Some of the quilts were unbelievable. So detailed, and original… I got really inspired to hop back onto my sewing machine. Time, as usual, flew by – and now that we are back home, we look forward to seeing grandma, grandpa, and auntie much, much, much sooner than later!

We arrived home Tuesday afternoon, happy to get back to life in the Great Northwest. I missed the mister IMMENSELY, and it felt good to be back home with my honey-bun.

Yesterday, what a day! I had a MILLION errands to run before the arrival of the newest member of our family. As Sebastian said, “I’m happy he chose us to live with!”. Douglas was wonderful with helping getting the house ready, even after a long day at work. When Rodney’s foster family arrived with him in tow, I had a wave of excitement wash over me…I just can’t wait to find out what kind of fun and mischief we’re all going to get into together! Rodney is a peach. A big, fat, funny, goofy, rambunctious peach, and what a sweetie! We all talked, took pictures, and watched the dogs run around. As we were saying our goodbyes yesterday, Alessandra (his foster mama) and I decided we need to have lots of doggie play-dates with her and her frenchie, Bucky. She even offered to dog-sit! Yippee!

After they left, I took Rodney out for a walk, and then it was back home and time to chill out. So much had just happened! We got all situated for bedtime…and although we had a few hiccups with our new routine… the little fellow did quite well..( He snores louder than anyone – or anything, I’ve ever heard. And that’s saying quite a lot indeed.)

This morning, when I woke up…there he was…bat ears and all…just staring at me with that, “Hi there! Hey! How’s it going? Are you ready for the day yet? Are you ready to feed me yet? Can you pet me now? Look how cute I am!!!!” look. It was adorable! Sebastian took him out into the yard before we left for school…and they had a blast running around and playing tug-o-war.

Currently Rodney is napping by my side…snoring. Loudly. Hooray for the four-legged creatures who make our lives so much fun!


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This is Rodney…


LOOK AT THAT FACE!  What a smile!  Last evening, we were ecstatic to have had our in-home interview with Rodney, and his foster mama, Alessandra.  Rodney is a sweet & energetic French Bulldog, rescued by the totally awesome org, The French Bulldog Rescue Network.  We have been hoping for quite some time to add a new member to our family, and we think we’ve found him!  Rodney spent almost 2 hours galloping around our backyard with Sebastian…batting a few balls around, showing us some really cute tricks…and getting a LOT of attention.

Isn’t he just the cutest dog you’ve ever seen?!  We are hoping to hear back soon for the “Official” seal of approval, but we think it looks pretty swell.  And should YOU have a lot of love to give an animal who needs a home, especially a sweet-as-pie dog, DO check out your local rescue organizations, humane societies, or FBRN!

We’ll keep you posted…

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