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Picture-less Pattern

Above are the socks I’ve just finished for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group  (on ravelry) April’s Sockdown Challenge…a pictureless pattern!  I knit them with Noro Sock from my stash, and I like ’em a lot!

And now onto the stash enhancement:

The above is yarn by the ever amazing fiber artist Wollmeise.  Superwash, in Rosenrot.  I LOVE it.  the following was a gift from Starathena…also Wollmeise, 80/20 Twin in Poison Nr. 5.  I think it will be turned into a Clapotis!

Next we have Handmaiden’s Casbah Sock in Seafoam.  (Remember how I received a gift certificate for the Loopy Ewe on Mother’s Day?)

And that trip to San Francisco and to Artfibers, left me with this glowing yarn called Kyoto in #20….

And of course, a couple skeins of Socks that Rock Heavyweight, first in the Mustang Sally colorway:

And next in the Raven series, the color Ravenscroft…picked up at Twisted… 100% Superwash Lightweight:

I have been having a lot of knitting adventures.  A Pi shawl in over halfway done for the “One Shawl to Rule Them All” knitalong on Ravelry.  (YES, I know I am a dork, and I don’t care!)  And I am about to cast on for my next Sock Knitter’s Anonymous challenge…the Lighthouse Gansey sock from Knitty.  Exciting stuff!  I am also LOVING my new Harmony Wood knitting needles from Knitpicks…speaking of Knitpicks…Star and I got to visit their HQ a couple of weeks ago and it wwas soooo much fun!  Go check out her post on it!


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Since I’d spent most of today multiplying fractions, talking about power tools, and wielding a new tape measure…it was quite pleasant to come home, plant my bum firmly into the couch and spend my gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe!

Star was soooo generous on Mother’s Day, and boy-oh-boy I sure did need a little woolie pick-me-up today!  I chose some completely gorgeous Hand Maiden Casbah Sock yarn in Seafoam.   I love it!  There are still a few items on my Loopy Ewe Wishlist (ahem)…it was really, really, really difficult to not buy EVERYTHING in the shop!  But, I used my incredible willpower, and left some yarn there for you!  Lucky you.

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We have been working like crazy people to turn our once-lawned front yard into a garden.  Ala “Food not Lawns” with some Tasha Tudor-esque border (a girl needs flowers, not just food!).  I wanted to show off the amazing fence and arbor that my fantastically handy husband built for us:

So purty, isn’t it?  Behind the fence you will find the starts for delphinium’s, poppies, lavender, blue potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bok choy, spinach, broccoli, beets, calendula, st. john’s wort, echinacea, forget-me-nots, lupine’s, various japanese maples (like August Moon!), lilies, sweet peas, sugar snaps, pumpkins, watermelon, 4 different kinds of heirloom tomatoes, oinions, garlic, motherwort, valerian, artichokes…and more!

Our next project is tackling the backyard…and I after receiving Tasha Tudor’s Garden for Mother’s Day…I am newly inspired!

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I have been neglecting the ol’ blog lately, but here are some pics of the quilt that I have been slowly but surely working on over the past month. Good news is that we finally have tracked down a new cord for our digital camera…hence, lots more blogging with pictures coming your way.


Happy Mother’s Day Sebastian…. you rock my world!! I feel so lucky to have you in my life.

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