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An Hour A Day

Well, here goes.  For an hour a day I plan on writing.  At this time, there is no goal as to WHAT I’ll be writing about, but to just keep it going.  Lists, thoughts, stories, poems, songs…I don’t think it matters much yet, just as long as I keep at it.

My favorite thing to do is to write lists.  About most anything really.  Laundry, groceries, life dreams, packing for trips to the country, lists about what I’d most like to be doing for the next week.  Those kinds of things.  I keep a little moleskin notebook with me at all times just for this purpose.  It was originally purchased so that I could write tiny poems inside of it, but it has turned into my to-do notepad.
Grocery lists are a common topic, as are various plants for the garden.  I could say that those are the main topics.  With a few addresses, phone numbers and song or two intermingled.  The notebook itself is of a journalist’s style.  It flips up and over, as if I’d be jotting down quotes from the Speaker of the House on it.

Today I picked up two new (to me) books and a magazine from Powell’s.  All on writing.  How to write, what to write, how to write something good…It is also my goal to read for an hour a day, separate from writing.  I hope to regain what has been lost over the past few years.  My imagination.   The two books I purchased were: “Writing for your Life” by Deena Metzger and “The Portable MFA in Creative Writing” by the New York Writers Workshop.  I already own, “On Writing Well”, “Writing Tools” and “A Triggering Town”.  I am determined to read through these next, forgoing the usual rounds of crafty and Russian types.  Oh!  I also snapped up a copy of “Poets and Writers” (for the ads in the back mostly).

Then, at about noon, Rodney and I drove to meet Douglas at his jobsite.  A nice old house in the Irvington district, the living room is the size of our house!  Douglas and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, and while he ate his sack lunch, we talked about our goals, money, the dog, Sebastian…a feeling of “WHAT IN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?!?!” has been pervasive in our conversations of late.

What we talk about a lot in regards to our goals is music (the lack thereof at this point) moving to a tiny farmhouse, having kids, and making a living doing the things we love.  Making that happen.  Soon.

Douglas would like to make his music for a living, tour, and be able to write poetry.  I would love to be able to write, create, raise children, make music, and garden.

We need health benefits.

So how will we go about this?  What will be our starting point?  Should we even really try to bother doing these things?  Are some options more viable than others?  Have we made terrible decisions up to now?

In my heart of hearts, I believe life is beautiful.  Short, and amazing.  We have just a sliver of consciousness that I shudder to think we spent our entire adult lives worrying about making the mortgage, and not making music together.  At the same time, we have responsibilities.  We need: shelter, food, clothing, books, and the little things that make life fun and worthwhile.  To live a life that is rich, without the entrapments of being “rich”.

At Powell’s today I also filled out a job application. Working there would be a little bit of financial relief as well as the mental comfort of having benefits.  I hope that working at Powell’s would reveal to me the local community of writers that Portland holds.  It is time to plug into that dream.

In that vein, there is also Goddard College.  A BA in Creative Writing and a low residency program that is in WA State.  I think I would very much enjoy that if writing were to be my path.  That program seems like a decent way to go, and then onto an MFA?  Who in the heck knows?!?!  I enjoy so many things.  I often times find myself feeling terrible in that I can’t ever just decide.  Fortunately, I have Douglas, who is such an amazing support system.

I know that I have stories to tell.  I just need to take the time to let them loose.  To listen to myself.  To learn the craft of writing.  I suppose what I need the most is time…space.



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My dear friend Caitlyn just challenged me to post to my blog, everyday, for the next 30 days! I’ve agreed. There is so much to share with you, my friends… it is going to be difficult to pinpoint a starting place.

Do you like lists? I LOVE lists. I make them all of the time. Lists for groceries and bills, books and dreams, friends and plants…you get the idea. So here is a list of items I will be sharing with you this week:

1. Chickens in their tweens.

2. Quilt of loooove. (my darling husband even helped me pick out the fabric!)

3. Vintage reproduction crochet and knitting projects. (Which I have been fiendishly translating and tweaking into new patterns for your enjoyment!)

4. Our urban farm. (Well, our garden really…but a farmgirl can dream, can’t she?!)

5. New sewing projects, including tips for your amusement.

6. Embroidery!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog everyone, and I hope to see you here soon!

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i have been slowly, but ever so surely plugging away at this shawl. the pattern is called “kimono” from interweave’s book, “folk shawls”. the yarn is by fleece artist, blue face leicester in their moss color-way. i like it a lot so far!
i especially love the garter stitch edges…so pretty!
i was getting sooo excited about easter this morning, i decided to buy some egg dye… and was struck by the humor printed onto the label of the vinegar bottle:
“fit to be dyed”
good stuff.
as a testament to their love of Design (yes, with a capital D) my mister’s brother bob and his fancy wife jill, gave us this uber chic set of bowls as a wedding gift!
(we debated for a while whether or not they were cups or bowls, finally after checking out the website…we discovered that yes indeed-ie…they are bowls) just looking at them on the countertop makes me feel oh-so-modern.
i love the melon-like colors…
happy spring!

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