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I have been feeling blissful of late, celebrating our first anniversary, knitting, sewing, cooking, and taking care of my pregnant self…so busy that I have been terribly neglectful of this blog.  I am hoping that we get some sunshine here in Portland this weekend so that I can take some pics of all of the knitting I’ve finished (finally the Lighthouse Gansey Socks!) and share them with you.  Until then, I thought I’d share this…Sister Rosetta Tharpe:


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Birthday Surprise-y Goodness

Well, I had a absolutely wonderful day yesterday.  Turning 30 was great!  I was even gifted with an extra hour of sleep this year.  Upon my waking, Douglas brought me a very pretty bouquet of flowers.

The next thing I knew my folks called me and administered one of my most favorite birthday traditions…this is what happens:  My mom says “Happy Birthday!” and then my dad plays a really rockin’ version of HB on his guitar.  It rules.  I look forward to that every year.  (They had also sent me a gift box from LUSH, and a visa gift card!  Yum, Yum.)

After the serenade my mister and I went to my favorite bagel shop, Bishop’s Close, and then we were off to pick up Sebastian from his father’s house.  We had a delicious lunch at “the Pig Place” (better known to locals as Russell Street Bar-B-Que) and then we headed across town for a nice walk in the West Hills and to Saint Cupcake, for a yummy treat! It was then time to take Sebbers back to his father’s house (boo!), and then home so I could take a much needed pregnant-lady-has-had-to-much-to-eat nap.

When I woke up, I was greeted with a table full of presents from my dear hubbers!  And boy did I score!  A skein Blue Moon Socks That Rock, a new ball winder, a copy each of: Glam Knits, Simple Knits for Little Cherubs, and Natural Knits for Babies and Toddlers!!  Does he know me or what?

After we opened up the presents I decided to check my email, and do a little bit of online window shopping when a peculiar thing happened…someone knocked at the door and my mister said…”go get the door!”  so I did.  It was Lu!  She was “just in the neighborhood” and wanted to stop by to say hello.  “Cool!” I thought to myself.  A nice birthday surprise.  A few minutes later there was another knock at the door, lo and behold there were a BUNCH of people there with balloons and treats and hugs for me!  Douglas had thrown me a surprise party!  I had a terrific time, munching on all of the tasty treats, talking to my dear friends, opening even more (amazing!) prezzies, having cheesecake, and yowzers, even staying up late!

What an absolutely stupendous day!

Thank you!

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My mom and dad forwarded this to me, and I reflects exactly how I am feeling about the state of our country…”AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”.  My folks live in Puryear, TN a town of about 300 in the rural south, and are voting for Obama…coolness.

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