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My husband and I, were snowed in and child free this weekend here in lovely Portland, OR.  While we were having lunch, he mentioned something about our french bulldog Rodney, looking an awful lot like a puppet he remembered as a kid on a local PSA.  I kind of knew what he was talking about…then he hunted down the Charley and Humphrey PSA’s on YouTube, and I was amazed at how quickly I remembered them.

“Gluuuee!  I need glue!”

I can’t explain how much I appreciate being married to someone with the same childhood recollections of places, personalities, and random commercials from the SF in the 70’s!  (He even knows who doctor Dean Adell is…and Herb Caen!)  Anyhoo…I thought I would share with you…a kind of early Christmas present.  Hope you enjoy it!  (Being an SF native is not required…)


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