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Since I’d spent most of today multiplying fractions, talking about power tools, and wielding a new tape measure…it was quite pleasant to come home, plant my bum firmly into the couch and spend my gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe!

Star was soooo generous on Mother’s Day, and boy-oh-boy I sure did need a little woolie pick-me-up today!  I chose some completely gorgeous Hand Maiden Casbah Sock yarn in Seafoam.   I love it!  There are still a few items on my Loopy Ewe Wishlist (ahem)…it was really, really, really difficult to not buy EVERYTHING in the shop!  But, I used my incredible willpower, and left some yarn there for you!  Lucky you.


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back in the saddle

Hello all!

Wow! I am still recovering from a whirlwind trip down to San Francisco and back. I could hardly believe that during my short stint there, the weather was sunny and warm…not a speck of fog to speak of! I was able to visit a few really great shops…like little otsu and artfibers. Not to mention (of course) delicious meals and drinks with family and friends.

Being back home is wonderful, but I will always have a huge Golden Gate Bridge sized hole in my heart. I just love that dang city!

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