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This is Rodney…


LOOK AT THAT FACE!  What a smile!  Last evening, we were ecstatic to have had our in-home interview with Rodney, and his foster mama, Alessandra.  Rodney is a sweet & energetic French Bulldog, rescued by the totally awesome org, The French Bulldog Rescue Network.  We have been hoping for quite some time to add a new member to our family, and we think we’ve found him!  Rodney spent almost 2 hours galloping around our backyard with Sebastian…batting a few balls around, showing us some really cute tricks…and getting a LOT of attention.

Isn’t he just the cutest dog you’ve ever seen?!  We are hoping to hear back soon for the “Official” seal of approval, but we think it looks pretty swell.  And should YOU have a lot of love to give an animal who needs a home, especially a sweet-as-pie dog, DO check out your local rescue organizations, humane societies, or FBRN!

We’ll keep you posted…


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