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Forest Park

Last weekend, our family took a little walk in Forest Park.  One of the best places to go in Portland in my humble opinion.  Miles and miles of trails within city limits! Yee-haw!   On this particular walk we found out that Sebastian does NOT like mud…in fact, he spent most of the hike holding his pants up a bit (so as to not get too much more mud on them apparently, and hindering him quite a bit in the old balance department, which in turn got him much more muddy as he kept falling into huge puddles!)  Unfortunately for him, we were rained and hailed upon quite fiercely.  And after about 45 minutes of complaining on his part, we were able to convince him that the MORE mud you had on you the tougher you looked…and he, by far, looked the toughest by the end of our hike.  Sebs liked being nominated as the toughest guy in Forest Park, and then preceded to run in the mud downhill…all of the way to our car.

Sebbies in forest park

lovie dovie


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This supa rad video is of a band called Saint Esmerelda.  If you watch closely you will see my stepdad playing the guitar (beard + glasses) to a very funky disco version of the classic, “House of the Rising Sun”.  Oh yea.

In other news, I have been up to a LOT of crafty stuff, but being the terrible blogger that I am, I have yet to take any pictures of anything!  I have been knitting up a storm, on some Railroad Rib Socks with this luscious yarn Casbah, by Handmaiden:

Handmaiden Casbah Sock Yarn

I also finished my (queen sized!) Bunch Of Squares quilt, made a quilt for an auction for Sebastians school out of squares they painted, sewed a “maternity jerkin” from a 1950s pattern I bought a while back, and have been knitting on various baby girl things, as well as sewing up quite a bit for the little lass to be.  Just about 9 more weeks until her arrival (give or take) and we are all getting anxious to meet her!

Looking out on the front yard, and going for walks around town…it is FINALLY becoming apparent that Spring is on her way too!  In our yard, I have just planted a few sweet pea seeedlings that I started a few weeks back, and all of the bulbs I planted back in the fall are juuuust starting to peek out of the earth.  So exciting!  Come on Spring!

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