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I have been a busy bee. I have completed dozens of projects in the last year. Heck! Within the last few months! But one project, has yet to be completed. It’s a BIG one. A queen sized quilt to be exact.

You see, a couple of year’s ago I bought the very wonderful “Denyse Schmidt Quilts”. I made quite a few smaller projects from the book, but had never tackled anything quite as substantial as an entire quilt. I have no idea what was holding me back, perhaps it was the fact that I had never made a quilt of that magnitude before. Maybe I was intimidated by the very thought of hand stitching the entire thing together. I was a quiltin’ chicken!

That was when my darling husband came to my rescue. He decided that he wanted a new quilt for the bed that HE had made. (Have I mentioned that he is a finish carpenter and likes to makes things too?! NO? Aren’t I just the luckiest gal in the whole-wide-universe?) He also thought it would be fun to come to the fabric store with me,  to help me pick out the fabric.

You did indeed read that correctly. HE CAME WITH ME TO THE FABRIC STORE AND HELPED ME PICK OUT FABRIC. Uh huh. Oh yea.

Before we headed over to Cool Cottons, we had decided on the “What a Bunch of Squares” design out of the book. I was really excited, but nervous that he might get bored. We had a lovely time, and came up with some really great choices. (Pictures of the fabric will be up by this evening as we are hunting down our camera cable. Much sad making.)

And ever since, slowly but surely, I have been piecing the squares together between other projects. But no MORE! I am putting our quilt of love to the top of my sewing to-do list. I intend to have it done by the end of my BLOG CHALLENGE.

Who’s with me?!

If you are so inclined to email me a picture of a project that has been languishing in the bottom of your knitting basket, fabric stash, or -what-have-you..along with a wee story…and then finish it by the time my 30-Day Blog Challenge is over…I will send you (yes, you!) a fabulous little prize.

I will also have a grand-prize drawing for an If’n Books Jen Corace journal!

So…let’s get to work, shall we?


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