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Oh Baby Quilts.

I am excited to share with you my latest project, a baby quilt for my *one month old* daughter.

When I first thought of making this quilt, I was hoping to find an already existing pattern that would work well with the fabrics I chose.  I picked through the quilty blogosphere with a fine toothed comb…but nothing spoke to me in regards to these fabrics.  I did find a dozen or so new blogs and quilts that are now on my must read and must make lists!  At the end of the search, I decided to design my own quilt blocks.

elephants and veg

I knew that I wanted to showcase the cute fabrics (purchased at Cool Cottons and Fabric Depot) which for me means BIGGER blocks.  I also wanted it to be a quick project (who has time with a one month old and a 6 year old home for the summer?!  Only crazy people like me.).  So, the quilt goes like this: big blocks are 9 inches square, the little strips 2inches by 9inches, and the teeny pink blocks 2inches by 2 inches.  Easy peasy, no?

baby gal quilt

I am really liking how the blocks are coming together.  Elephants and flowers and apples.  Red and pink co-mingling.  Funny fruits and veggies to tie it all together.  I can hardly wait to get it pieced and quilted!


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